Vladimir Peshevski

Vladimir Peshevski - Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs

Born on June 19, 1970.



  • Government of the Republic of Macedonia
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs: Coordination of economic departments and institutions in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, with special focus on the big infrastructural projects, attracting and facilitating the work for the big foreign and local investors, improvement of the business climate and creating economic policies for accelerated economic development.


  • General Manager, SEAF South Balkan Fund, and partner in the International Investment Fund for direct investments with focus on private companies in the Balkans, with branch-offices in the Netherlands, Serbia and Macedonia. He has been a main investment consultant during the sale of several companies from Serbia and Kosovo to foreign investors with a total market value of euro 100 million.


  • Lecturer of M.A. studies at the Sheffield University - Program of the City College in Thessaloniki, on the subject Strategic Management.


  • Member of the First Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia;

Member of the National Council for Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

  • Short-term advisor to President Boris Trajkovski, in the period after the crisis in 2001, on economic policies and measures in the areas affected by the crisis.


  • General Manager, SEAF Macedonia, International Investment Fund for direct investments with focus on private companies in Macedonia. He had directly and successfully conducted negotiations with several new foreign investors, who further invested in Macedonia over euro 300 million.  


  • Management consultant for strategic management and finances in the Macedonian Business Center, USAID project. He cooperated and provided consultant support to over 50 Macedonian companies, with special focus on development of long-term business plans, investment analyses and important investment decisions.  


  • Assistant in the Center for Research in New Technologies within the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Scientific research work on power engineering projects, with an emphasis on power industry strategies, electric energy distribution systems, renewable energy recourses and environmental protection.



  • M.A. in business administration, the University of Sheffield, England (program affiliated with the City College in Thessaloniki).


  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje.