Reconstruction and refurbishment of public healthcare institutions

This is the largest healthcare sector project in the history of the Republic of Macedonia since its independence, which will thoroughly remodel and renovate the external and internal infrastructure of 41 healthcare institutions.

In the previous four-year mandate, the first phase of the project for reconstruction and upgrading of hospitals was initiated, with a total worth of 100 million Euros, thus making it the biggest investment in healthcare infrastructure in the last 20 years.

A feasibility study has been prepared and funds have been provided by the Council of Europe development Bank, enabling the beginning of construction works at 17 facilities.  

The project will be implemented in four phases, and the deadline for finalization is 2014. The results are visible already! The Government will invest in the reconstruction and refurbishment of the central facilities of 34 healthcare institutions, most of which have been built more than 50 years ago.

Public healthcare institutions are being built and renovated throughout Macedonia: Surgical Clinics in Skopje, Rentgenology Institute, Urgent Care Center, Children’s Clinic, Haematology Clinic, Cardiology Clinic, Infectious Diseases Clinic, Pneumology Institute, Psychiatric Clinic, National Transfusiology Institute, Surgical Clinic St. Num Ohridski, Pneumology Institute – Kozle and the Special Gynecology and Obstetrics hospital – Chair.   

Apart from this, hospitals are being renovated in Tetovo, Strumica, Veles, Prilep, Ohrid, Kumanovo. Gevgelija, Gostivar, Kichevo, Kochani, as well as the Special hospital Jasenovo in Veles, the Nephrology Institute in Struga, the Psychiatric hospital Bardovci in Skopje and the Psychiatric hospital in Negorci. The reconstruction of several healthcare institutions in Skopje (three polyclinics), Kriva Palanka and Prilep is also in the final phase. In the third phase, besides the upgrading of the clinics, a full reconstruction of the City hospital 8 Septemvri in Skopje (former Military Hospital) will also take place.

The citizens of Shtip will get a new hospital, along with a new facility for the students at the Faculty of Medicine in Shtip.

The plan is to renovate the clinical hospital in Bitola, as well as the general hospitals in Kichevo, Struga, Gevgelija, Demir Hisar Psychiatric hospital and the Healthcare center in Ohrid.

The preparatory activities for construction of a new Clinical center in Bardovci will continue.

The Government will open healthcare institutions in around 100 townships and in the rural areas. In this way, it will stimulate young medical doctors to look for employment in the rural areas, at the same time raising the level of preventive healthcare of the population in the Republic of Macedonia, in accordance with European and global healthcare standards.