Lower taxes, higher salaries and welfare

The Republic of Macedonia is the most attractive tax destination in Europe! The taxation policy reflects the system of virtues that the state bears.

The reduced taxes, increased wages and the social welfare benefits are an example of the reforming capacity and the taxation concept of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

The reduction of taxes stimulates business, decreases grey economy and positively affects the competitiveness of Macedonian economy.

Low taxes are the bedrock of development of the private sector. For a successful business, two things are most important: low taxes and a predictable taxation policy. That is why we lowered the taxes by 10%.

The tax on undistributed profits is 0%, thus more funds remain in the companies which can use them for promoting their operation, more funds for investments, new jobs and economic growth.

A choice of taxation regime will be provided for small market enterprises, with a total annual income between three and six million denars.

The VAT for tourism services has been reduced from 18% to 5%.

 We lowered the VAT for crude vegetable oil from 18% to 5%.

We will continue to decisively cope with those who avoid paying their taxes and to provide fair and equal terms and fair competition in our economy. The low taxation policy will continue…

  • Wages for employees in the public sector have been increased

The average net – wage in the Republic of Macedonia has been increased by 61%! The net- wage in 2006 amounted 12.600 denars, and in 2010 this reached an amount of 20.303 denars. The wages in the public sector in 2007 and 2008 were increased by 10% per year. Also, the wage increasing will continue for: teachers, cultural promoters, employees in social welfare and health care institutions, employees in the judiciary, police, army, as well as the employees in the state administration.

In the 2012- 2015 period, the wages for the employees in the public sector will be increased by 21.3%

5% on 1.12.2012

5% on 1.12.2013

10% on 1.12.2014

Once again, in this way we prove that the Government cares for the employees.

The Government will continue providing funds from the budget for increasing social welfare and other benefits, for the most vulnerable class of citizens. Also, the Government increased the budget support for bearers of the right to aid and care for another person, aid for orphans and children without parental care, and other categories of socially vulnerable population.

The increase of the social aid and benefits is identical to increasing the wages in the public sector, and in the 2012-2015 period they will be increased by 21,3%, which is a best indicator that the Government for this category of citizens .