Financial support provided for 500 young people to complete internship

Those under 29, who have graduated from high school or university, are invited as of Monday to apply for internship at a public call. The call is also open for companies interested in taking in young people as interns. Funds have been singled out this year to support 500 young people to complete an internship.

The measure, aimed at allowing young people under 29 to gain their first work experience, has been implemented in the past few years.

“This is also an excellent opportunity for the private sector under favorable conditions to hire young jobless people and train them to gain work experience,” Minister of Labour and Social Policy Dime Spasov told a news conference Monday adding the measure was producing excellent results.

Under the measure taken in the past few years, 2,500 have completed internship. Of those, 1,590 are already employed.

“This is a proof that the measure not only helps young people gain work experience, but it also helps them get a job in the companies where they served as interns,” Minister Spasov stated adding that MKD 9, 450,000 had been provided this year to finance 500 internships.

Generally, the measure is used by companies in the financial sector, including banks, as well as enterprises in the hospitality sector and those manufacturing goods.