Skopje Clinic Center to be built by Macedonia's largest construction companies

The new, €72-million Clinical Center in Skopje will be built by the two largest construction companies in Macedonia, Granit and Beton, in cooperation with an Italian company, Health Minister Nikola Todorov told a news conference on Sunday.

"The bid was picked as the most favorable one for awarding a construction contract as it meets all the conditions necessary to build such complex facilities. The selection was made based on an approval by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB)," Todorov said.

By wrapping up this stage of the process, he added, we put an end to speculation suggesting the project is just 'an empty promise.' "Despite being one of the most serious projects in Macedonia's healthcare at the moment, it is also one of the most serious projects of the CEB."

A contract will be signed after a valid banking guarantee is submitted by the bidder.

"Construction works are expected to be kicked off in June 2017 and the contractor will work in stages in order to provide smooth functioning of the Clinical Center in Skopje," Minister Todorov said adding the building would be completed in 45 months' time.

The total area of the Clinical Center is projected at 47,000 square meters. The complex will feature an underground level, ground floor, nine stories and a heliport on the roof of the building.

According to him, the complex is a grandiose facility. "Together with the building it is going to be adjoined with, the Clinical Center will boast an area of over 70,000 square meters, thus allowing increasing improvements of day to day activities at the clinic."

 "The investment is a crown of Macedonia's health system. Once it is completed, the Clinical Center will become the most modern healthcare facility in the region of Southeast Europe," Minister Todorov concluded.