Nikola Todorov

Nikola Todorov - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health


Personal data:
Name and surname: Nikola Todorov
Nationality: Macedonian
Date of birth: January 7, 1979
Marital status: He is married and has a son


Professional Experience:

  • September 2002, practitioner of an investigative judge of the Basic Court Skopje 1, Skopje;
  • From April 2005, administrative and technical officer, project for preparation of a coordinated response to the struggle against HIV/AIDS supported with a grant from the Global Fund for Struggle Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria;
  • October 2006-October 2007, counselor – deputy manager of the Public Enterprise for Management of Housing and Business Space of the Republic of Macedonia;
  • December 2006-July 2009, non-executive manager of the joint–stock company State Trade Center-Skopje;
  • October 2007, Manager of the Cadastre Center for Real Estate – Skopje;
  • September 2008-July 2009, member of the Supervisory Board for Control of the Financial Activity of the Public Enterprise “Vodovod i kanalizacija”, Skopje;
  • July 2009-July 2011, Minister of Education and Science on the Government of the Republic of Macedonian;
  • July 2011-present Minister of Health



From 1998 to 2002 graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, Department – Civil Law and achieved the title Graduated Lawyer. Ha also passed the judiciary exam.

1994-1997 completed Economic and Law Secondary School “Vasil Antevski – Dren”


Personal Skills and Capabilities Supported by Formal Diplomas and Certificates:

Certificate for participation on the summer intensive seminar organized by the European University from Brugge, Belgium

Diplomas for sports achievements;

Mother language: Macedonian

Other languages: English


Organizational capabilities:

Capable of team work; work within the multicultural environment; creativity, flexibility and ambition; inventiveness, communicability, efficiency.

Computer skillfulness and abilities:

Microsoft Word. Excel, Power Point, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Front Page, Windows XP

Additional activities:

The founder and the first president of the Assembly of the “Youth of the Euro-Atlantic Club of Macedonia”, non-governmental organization which is a full-fledged member of the Youth Atlantic Treaty Association

Participant of the scientific advanced training as a member of the first Macedonian non-government delegation in Brussels-based NATO Headquarters (2001).

Organizer and participant of the project for education of secondary school students in regard to the ideas and values of the European Union and NATO (2001)

Participation in the Centre for International and Regional Studies and Cooperation;

Training by the Information Office of the Council of Europe in Skopje in the sphere of project management (2002)

Participation in the organization of the joint conference of Stability Pact and the Council of Europe in Ohrid, dedicated to the differences and modulation between nations and the states of the South East Europe in the sphere of history as a science;

Active participation in the project entitled “Universities as Sites of Citizenship” as an assistant program manager of the professor Savo Cvetanovski, Ph.D. (2001-2002);

Participant in the training for Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) organized by the Global Fund, Moscow, March 2006.