Construction of 145 school gymnasiums

The aim of the project for construction of 145 school gymnasiums by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is to promote sports at school, good health and healthy habits of students.

This project foresees the construction and equipment of 145 school gymnasiums, out of which 30 in high schools and 115 in primary schools.

So far, nine school gymnasiums have been opened, and 13 are expected to be opened by the end of 2011. According to plan, another 68 school gymnasiums will be either ready for use or in the initial phase of construction by the end of 2001. All 145 school gymnasiums in high schools and primary schools are to be finished by the end of 2014. 

A total of 110.000 students will be the direct beneficiaries of this Project for construction and equipment of 145 school gymnasiums. The necessary funds will be provided by budgetary resources and from international financial institutions.

The project will be implemented by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Agency for Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education and Science. The total amount of budgetary resources allocated by the Government to the realization of this project if 4,2 billion Macedonian Denars.