Procurement of cutting edge medical equipment in the area of healthcare

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia is continuously implementing the project for procuring cutting edge medical equipment, worth over 100 million euros, which in terms represents the largest investment in Macedonian health care in the last 20 years. The goal of the project is providing modern health care and improving the quality of the health care services for the population.

With the procurement of the new equipment, conditions for health care for citizens should be provided, respectively decreasing the waiting time for obtaining health care, as well as decreasing the average time for curing the patient. All this for the early diagnostics of diseases, providing services in accordance with highest standards, caring for decreasing the expenses for hospital care per patient, but also decreasing the expenditure of medicine and overcoming possible post-operational complications.

For the implementation of this project, the Government will invest in conducting education and training for the staff for using the new equipment and its proper maintenance.

The employees in: the three clinic hospitals in Tetovo, Bitola and Shtip; which with the procurement are receiving cutting edge devices and instruments amounting 15.869.000 euros; the General hospitals in Veles, Gostivar, Ohrid, Kumanovo, Prilep and Strumica; receive devices for computer aided tomography; will receive training.

New cardiologic devices, gynecologic – ultrasound devices, along with anesthesia devices, endoscope cabinet and surgical instruments will be procured in all general hospitals.

The new City hospital “8 September” in Skopje is being completely equipped with cutting edge diagnostic, operational and intervention devices, amounting 6.230.000 euros.

The University clinic for radiology where a cutting edge type of device for computer aided tomography, along with an Magnetic Resonance Imaging apparatus with a strength of magnet field 1,5T, angiograph system with a digital detector for angiographic, vascular, cerebral and peripheral diagnostic intervention procedures, radiological echo – devices and a mammography, amounting over 6.000.000 euros.

The University clinic of cardiology received digital angiographs for intervention cardiologic apparatuses, amounting 2.520.000 euros.

An angiograph for diagnostics and interventions with the remaining cardiologic apparatuses has been put into operation in the Cardiovascular diseases hospital in Ohrid, amounting 1.210.000 euros.

In the University clinic for radiology and oncology, the investment amounts over 3.000.000 euros.

In the General hospitals in Ohrid, Gostivar, Veles, Prilep, Kumanovo and Strumica, among the standard panel for quality diagnostics and surgical equipment, an computer aided tomography apparatus is being put into operation, and the total value of the equipment in these six hospitals amounts 8.400.000 euros.

In the remaining six hospitals in Kochani, Kavadarci, Gevgelija, Debar, Struga and Kichevo, investments are being made in mammography apparatuses, cardiologic and gynecological echo – apparatuses, anesthesia apparatuses, monitors, sterilization chambers and endoscope sets amounting 2.300.000 euros.

The University clinic for surgical diseases “St. Naum of Ohrid” will be significantly equipped, with an apparatus for computer aided tomography and other medical devices amounting 3.933.000 euros. With the envisioned funds for this project, cutting edge technology for the University clinic for child diseases will be procured, which was not included for equipping.

Moreover, a cutting edge PET – center (center for positronic emission tomography) will be built and equipped), for which a draft project has been prepared.