DM Besimi receives Turkish donation for ARM

Turkey's ambassador to Macedonia, Gurol Sokmensuer on Thursday in Skopje handed over a Turkish donation for the Macedonian Army (ARM) to Defense Minister Fatmir Besimi.

The US$710.000 donation includes seven Land Rover vehicles and one Cobra vehicle, which is part of Turkey's overall donation worth US$18 million. The vehicles are compatible with NATO standards and will be distributed to ARM units.

"All these years since becoming an independent state, we have witnessed the establishment of high-level relations between Macedonia and Turkey. Our friendship sets an example of how countries in the region should cooperate," DM Besimi said at the ceremony expressing gratitude to Turkey for its support to Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration bid.

"Countries' military collaboration, especially in relation to education, trainings and donations is being intensified on daily basis... I am convinced that ARM in due time will produce excellent results on the road to full-fledged NATO membership," the ambassador noted.