Deputy Prime Minister Angusev announces liberalization of the gas and electricity markets

Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the economy Koco Angusev took part in an informal meeting of energy, industry and trade ministers held in Austria, organized by Commissioner Johannes Hahn and Energy Community director Janez Kopac.

"The Energy Community is correct in saying that Macedonia is one of the member countries which lags the most in aligning its rules with those of the Energy Community. This has led to our country being ranked last in implementation of energy sector reforms. Work in this field has been frozen for years, we are last in the region, but I believe we will change all that and we will catch up with the other Balkan countries, we will work hard, professionally and with dedication to speed up reforms in the energy sector", Angusev said.

He announced a new law for energy which would push for liberalizing the gas and electricity markets. Another law would mandate energy efficiency regulation in line with the European directives.