Втор повик за доделување грантови за инфраструктурни проекти поврзани со туризмот

Институција која огласува: 
Local and Regional Competitiveness Project (LRCP)
Рок на пријавување: 

The Project Implementation Unit of the Local and Regional Competitiveness Project (LRCP) funded by a grant from the European Union is pleased to invite interested applicants to submit expressions of interest for support of key investments in infrastructure and noninfrastructure activities. These activities will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of key destinations through upgraded product offerings and linkages with local economies, capturing greater share of economic benefits at the destinations.

The objective of LRCP is to enhance the contribution of tourism to local economic development and improve the capacity of the government and public entities to foster tourism growth and facilitate destination management. LRCP aims to substantially raise the attractiveness of participating destinations and thus increase economic activity at these destinations and support the growth and development of the tourism sector at the central, regional, and local levels. The project works directly with public, not-for-profit, and private entities, and is designed to deliver financial, economic and social benefits to local communities and the private sector.

Under this Call for Expressions of Interest an indicative amount of EUR 14.300.000 (MKD 875.104.230) is available for the sub-grant proposals. LRCP reserves the right not to award all available funds.


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