Mila Carovska, Minister of Labor and Social Policy

Mila Carovska is the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.


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In her professional career she gained experience in the field of social work, including facilitation of drama workshops with children housed in institutions, facilitation of educational workshops, SOS operator and supervisor on consultations for drug users and their families, as well as, a collaborator of drug treatment institutions, social worker in the field, a pre/ post test for HIV/AIDS-advisor and a field researcher.Carovska graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy at the "St. Cyril and Methodius" University in Skopje, at the Institute for Social Work and Social Policy.Mila Carovska - Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Mila Carovska was a Special Advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Frosina Remenski.

As a proven professional in her field of activity, Carovska upgraded her professional career and higher education through the years, on numerous work positions and experiences that involve direct communication with socially vulnerable and threatened categories of citizens. Her managerial participation in dozens of projects in the spheres of social policy encompasses different categories of citizens such as Roma, youth, addicts and covers topics such as domestic violence, sexual rights, education of vulnerable groups, etc.

Due to her rich work experience, Carovska is engaged in twelve domestic and international organizations as an expert in her field.

Being dedicated to social work, Carovska has obtained more than 24 Certificates from domestic and international institutions, as proof of her commitment and dedication to the issues from the social sphere.

Carovska was born in 1984.