Prime Minister Zaev Meets Austrian Federal Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Schallenberg: Austria has a clear view on positive decision for opening negotiations for our country on EUCO in October

President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, met Alexander Schallenberg, Federal Minister for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Austria.

At the meeting a clear message of support was sent from Austria regarding EU enlargement and European integration of our country. Minister Schallenberg conveyed the fact that there is a strong consensus in the Republic of Austria for positive decision for the Republic of North Macedonia that is to be adopted on the October Council of EU and that this is what Austria will present in October. Furthermore, the meeting concluded that a positive decision is the single right decision for our country. The interlocutors concluded that the Republic of North Macedonia delivered the necessary results and that not it is time for Europe to deliver.

Prime Minister Zaev extended his gratitude for the principled support that the Republic of Austria provides to all key processes for democratic development of our country, and especially, regarding the progress of Euro-Atlantic integrations.

“The positive decision from the European Council for opening negotiations of EU with the Republic of North Macedonia, for the institutions and for the citizens shall mean continuation of the strong motivation to use the European values in order to contribute to the development of our country and the region. The Prespa Agreement is a rare example of Agreement in which, through a sincere dialogue for sensitive issues, we have reached a solution to a decades-long open bilateral issue; we are conducting reforms in consensus with the opposition, we are strongly determined to establish rule of law and to fight the corruption through concrete examples that laws are equal for all. The Republic of North Macedonia is a great example that shows how the commitment to European values can provide results”, said Prime Minister Zaev.

The meeting furthermore concluded that the possibility that the Republic of North Macedonia was given, to preside over the Berlin Process together with Republic of Bulgaria next year, is a strong message for the European support of our country. Prime Minister Zaev said that the positive decision from EUCO in October will only reinforce the trust of other countries in the regions, candidate countries for EU; that reforms and solutions for bilateral issues, brought peacefully, through a dialogue, will only bring benefits for the European aspirations. 
The interlocutors concluded that the Republic of Austria is one of the significant investors in our country. It was said that Republic of Austria strongly believes in the Republic of North Macedonia and that the economic cooperation shall further develop.

In the very end, the interlocutors discussed the good cooperation with regard to resolution of migrant crisis, as well as regarding the enhancement of good bilateral relations between the two countries.