Dzemail Chupi

Minister without Portfolio in charge of Diaspora
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Dzemail Chupi is born on 31 December 1980 in Debar.

Minister Chupi holds a Ph.D. in political science and a master’s degree in diplomacy from the University of SSE in Tetovo. He has several decades of experience in the academics and public sector. He started his career at the Employment Agency in Debar and worked there in the period 2005-2012. 

In the period 2013-2016, he worked as an advisor on inter-religious relations in the Islamic Religious Community of North Macedonia, in its office in Debar. 

In the meantime, he participated in several professional trainings and as of 2017, he became a lecturer at the UBT College in Prishtina, Kosovo, at the Faculty of Political Science, and in the master’s program at the Faculty of Public Politics and Management. 

Chupi has attended several projects, training, and workshops, such as Programme for the training of public administration, “Vulnerable groups – characteristics, approach and legal framework”, Anti-discriminatory practices in work with members of the Roma community, and on several international conferences where he presented research papers on several topics: in the area of innovations, rule of law and civic society, political pluralism and post-communism, creating policies and secularism in North Macedonia, continuity and changes: Balkan in European and Global context, Migration, mobility and COVID-19, and others. 

He possesses skills for the presentation of detailed and intensive data to people from various origins and nationalities, skills for preparation of timely reports, as well as time-management skills and resolution of tasks in tight deadlines. 

In his free time, he likes to watch the news and documentary movies for the newest developments on the international market. Moreover, he likes to travel with his family and friends and enjoys reading books on history and civilizations. 

He speaks Albanian (mother tongue), Macedonian and English.

Chupi is married and the father of 3 children.