• 100 unemployed people to be trained to acquire advanced IT skills

    All jobless people with certain IT skills who are willing to upgrade them and earn international certificates are invited to apply at a call for training for advanced IT skills.

  • PM Dimitriev calls Sasa mine 'successful example of management'

    Sasa lead and zinc mine located in the town of Makedonska Kamenica in northeast Macedonia marks Friday the 10th anniversary after restarting operations.

  • Over €80 million investment in 200km of regional roads

    €6 million is the sum of the investment to rebuild 31 km long regional road Kocani-Makedonska Kamenica-Delcevo.

  • Todorov: Reconstruction of public hospitals across Macedonia

    Health Minister Nikola Todorov said that the department is in a new cycle of investment in public healthcare institutions, with a newly reconstructed ambulance in Labunista expected to be opened soon, and reconstruction of general hospitals in Bitola, Prilep and Veles on-going. Todorov added that the specialist hospitals St. Erasmus in Ohrid is also being reconstructed, and soon work will begin in Kumanovo on a new emergency care wing, to be followed by thorough reconstruction of the St. Naum of Ohrid surgery in Skopje.