• Region expected to prosper with Budapest-Athens high speed railway

    A railway linking Budapest and Belgrade, being the first part of a high-speed railroad set to connect Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece, is planned to be ready in two years’ time. An agreement was signed Wednesday by Serbia and Hungary with PR China as part of a high-level summit taking place in Belgrade.

  • Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, China sign customs cooperation agreement

    Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and PR China signed Wednesday an agreement over joint customs cooperation, which stipulates cooperation in the field of information and document exchange, as well as recognition of clearing procedures and enhancement of cooperation.

  • Saudi investors interested in Macedonia

    Saudi Arabia is market where the government presents conditions for doing business in Macedonia aimed at expanding the opportunities for attracting new investors and enhancing trade cooperation with other countries aside from Europe. Government delegation met forty businessmen who assessed investment opportunities as excellent and announced investments in several spheres.

  • US donates equipment for Macedonian Army

    An equipment worth $850,000, donated by the US for the Macedonian Army (ARM) which is set to be intended mainly for NATO, EU and UN-led peacekeeping missions, was presented Tuesday in a Skopje-based military barracks.