Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, China sign customs cooperation agreement

Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and PR China signed Wednesday an agreement over joint customs cooperation, which stipulates cooperation in the field of information and document exchange, as well as recognition of clearing procedures and enhancement of cooperation.

The document aims at supporting regional and international trade, as well as creating an environment for easier travel and transport of commodities and cutting of costs.

The project over construction of a high-speed railroad from Greece through Macedonia, up to Serbia and Hungary, was also presented at the meeting.

"This is a significant and large project that could have a positive effect on the economic development of Macedonia. Taking into account there is lack of information over the model and manner of funding, the financial construction and the participation of countries concerned, we will make the proper analyses and present our position upon receiving this information", said Vice Premier and Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski after the agreement signing, held in the framework of the meeting of heads of governments of China and Central, Eastern European (CEE) countries in Belgrade.

Stavreski stressed the project had the potential of helping the economic development of Macedonia and all regional states.