Ministry of Defence

02 3282 042 / 02 3282 097
116 Orce Nikolov Str., Skopje
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Ministry of Defence performs works and duties related to:

  • Accomplishing the system of defence of independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of North Macedonia; 
  • Planning, organization, equipping, development and preparation of the Army of the Republic of North Macedonia and implementing the determined plans; 
  • Organizing and preparing the defence and civil protection; 
  • Organizing and implementing the training for defence; 
  • Organizing and preparing of surveillance and reporting, connection for crypto-protection management; 
  • Performing surveillance under their authority; and 
  • Performing other duties as stipulated by Law.
  • In pursuance with the Law on Defence Article 20, the Ministry of Defence prepares a strategy for defence, assessment of possible war and other hazards that endanger the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the country, organizes and prepares the system of defence and proposes measures for its development and advancement.