Macedonian Exhibit and Trade Center opens next month in Moscow

Fresh fruit and vegetables, canned foods, dairy and meat products and beverages consists the first shipment with which the Macedonian Exhibit and Trade Center in Moscow is going to be officially opened on March 23.

The center is located in the Food City complex, considered the largest wholesale food distribution center in Russia, it was noted Thursday at a presentation organized in Skopje by the Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Macedonian companies, at least 20 companies initially, will get full commercial, customs and legal support to promote their products, which can be also displayed and stored at the center, thus making them directly available to business partners in Russia.

"Finally, we have turned into reality an idea that has stuck around for decades - to have our products promoted to Russian businessmen anytime. With it, we are in fact offering assistance to our members, whose main interest is to bolster export rate in this large market," stated Dejan Beshliev, executive director of the Macedonian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Latest trade volume trends show an increase of the value of exported produces by 72.8%, according to Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy Mihail Cvetkov.

"Last year, the highest rate of export of food products was registered, worth 30 million euros. Since our agricultural production is complementary with Russia's, we believe there's a great potential to cooperate in the future," said Minister Cvetkov, who was a guest at the presentation.

Commenting on the Macedonian Exhibit and Trade Center, Cvetkov said he expected the center to enable as many Macedonian products as possible to be presented and showcased, calling them 'a synonym for quality, taste and a guarantee that consumers have made the right choice.'

Officials of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and the Eurasian Business Coalition, Roman Viktorovich Dunko and Viktor Tuzarovich Kambolov, who are visiting Skopje on the occasion of the presentation, said they hoped Macedonian exporters in the project would recognize a partner to sale their products.

"Macedonia and Russia share similar cultures, which is key to establishing and building relations," they concluded.

In the past few days, they held meetings with government officials for show of support to Macedonian exporters.

The presentation of the Macedonian Exhibit and Trade Center was also attended by the Russian Ambassador to Macedonia, Oleg Shcherbak, and Macedonia's Ambassador to Russia, Goce Karajanov.