Dimitriev: Let common sense prevail, preserve people’s dignity

In moments of strong political polarization let common sense prevail and preserve dignity in actions and communication among ourselves. Macedonia had survived many ordeals in the history, it will survive this one as well and will emerge stronger, said Prime Minister Emil Dimitriev, who attended the Easter liturgy in “St. Nikola” church in Stip.

Jesus’s sacrifice reminds us that we need to perceive values that strengthened the unity of the Macedonian people for centuries and built coexistence and tolerance with other nations, Dimitriev said.

Metropolitan Hilarion of Bregalnica underlying the importance of Easter holiday wished people to be united in peace and love urging Macedonian politicians and those who govern the country for reason, love and unity to prevail in order all citizens to protect homeland and our ancient church Ohrid Archbishopric which marks its 50th anniversary of its restoration as a Macedonian Orthodox Church.