Plan for immediate reform priorities "3 - 6 - 9"

The direction of the reforms proposed by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia that are part of the “3-6-9 Plan” arise from the Program for Work of the Government 2017-2020 and it takes into consideration the Przhino Political Agreement and follows the recommendations from the high-level meetings with EU representatives, the directions issued from the European Commission within Urgent Reform Priorities (2015), the Recommendations from the Group of High Experts on Systemic Issues on Rule of Law with regard to communications interception (2015), as well as several recommendations issued to the Government in the past few years from the bodies of the Council of Europe (Venice Commission, GRECO), recommendations from OSCE/ODIHR, findings and recommendations in Annual EC Reports, including the HLAD, conclusions from the Ministerial Dialogue on the Program for Economic Reforms, conclusions from regular meetings of the bodies of SAA, the document prepared from group of civic organizations “Proposal for Urgent Democratic Reforms” (Blueprint) and results from consultations with civic society.

On the following links you may download the comprehensive Plan for Urgent Reform Priorities “3-6-9”

Plan 3-6-9 (Macedonian Преземи

Review of status of implementation of measures stipulated in Plan 3-6-9 and Narrative Plan 3-6-9 +

On the 38th session the Government discussed and accepted the Communiqué “Factual Presentation of the Status of Implementation of Measures stipulated in Plan 3-6-9” as of 14th November 2017, as well as the Communique for the activities that are to be undertaken in the forthcoming period and which include the benchmarks 6 and 9 in the Plan.

The factual presentation of the status of implementation of the measures foreseen in Plan 3-6-9 for the first three months shows that the package of measures for the first three months are mostly met, most of all as a result of the efforts undertaken by the Government and the competent institutions.

  • Factual Presentation of the Implementation of Measures Foreseen in Plan 3-6-9 (MK) Download

The “Narrative Plan” for the future period defines and updates the measures of the parts 6 and 9 based on the recommendations contained in the Report of the High Experts Group with regard to the systemic issues of rule of law and consultations with all stakeholders. The foreseen measures are planned to be completed by the end of December 2017 / March 2018 or before the next regular EC Progress Report on North Macedonia.


Detailed Factual Report for Implementation of the Plan 3-6-9


In the past nine months North Macedonia managed to deliver exceptionally productive reform agenda. A proof of this is the successful implementation and realization of the Plan 3-6-9 i.e. more than 90% of the reforms are already completed and 100% of its essence – North Macedonia to return on its Euro-Atlantic path.


Factual Report for Implementation of the Plan 3-6-9, as of 4th July 2017 – 17 April 2018 (MK)  Download