The convicted Gruevski will serve his sentence in the Republic of Macedonia

Nikola Gruevski has been convicted with an effective legal verdict resulting from a public and transparent process, while at the same time, there are several ongoing court procedures, investigations and one pre-investigative procedure against him.

The convicted Nikola Gruevski was under police protection in accordance with the rights provided to him as a former prime minister, and in no situation did he ever report on any life threats.

There has never been any political persecution and no life threats have been evidenced against Nikola Gruevski, nor has any governmental institution ever made any threats against his life. Therefore, we find that the only goal Gruevski has, is to avoid justice.

Yesterday, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia officially sent a diplomatic note of protest for the role of Hungarian embassies in the escape of Gruevski from the country, and today the official request for extradition was delivered, with the complete accompanying documentation for the processes and the legal verdict.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia expects that the authorities in Budapest will unconditionally accept the request for extradition, and in accordance with the respect of international law as EU and NATO member country, will enable the return of Gruevski to the Republic of Macedonia, in order to serve his prison sentence and to respond to the remaining acts he has been charged with.   

The Republic of Macedonia is a country governed by the rule of law. Therefore, anyone that was proven to have broken the laws, with an effective legal verdict, will be brought to justice for their actions.