Information on the categories and procedures for issuing movement permits for citizens and employees in conditions of limited movement of citizens on the entire territory of the country

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia informs which institutions issue permits in conditions of limited movement of the citizens on the entire territory of the country and for which categories of citizens.


The category of permits issued by MISA includes:
•    Representatives of institutions for which the decision of the Crisis Headquarters of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia has determined that it is essential for them to move during the ban on movement.
•    Duty media workers who need to work in the field. 
•    Employees in small bakeries (up to 5 employees) with a document as a proof that it is a micro enterprise. 
•    Duty employees in funeral homes.
•    Persons caring for persons in need of care from another person - a third party (with appropriate medical documentation) 
•    Certain categories of farmers, by decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy. The regional units of MAFWE are responsible for preparing a list of farmers.
* All permits provided by MISA are available through the portal for Attached is a short video tutorial on how to apply for a permit.
** The request for permit for movement of employees in institutions, media, bakeries / funeral homes, on the portal shall be submitted by the head of the institution / director / authorized person to the Central Registry for his employees. 
*** The request for movement permit for persons caring for a third person shall be submitted by the care giver. 

The category of movement permit by calling MOI on 192 includes:
•    Employees in security agencies and guard services 
•    Employees in service companies (EVN, telecommunications and cable operators, public and communal enterprises) 
Municipal crisis headquarters provide services for:
•    Delivery of food and basic products (restaurants and markets) 
The exemption from limited movement includes employees in companies for which movement permits are issued by the employer, as follows:
•    Companies that have registered work in a third and / or fourth shift in the State Labor Inspectorate.
•    Media that have on-duty employees who do not need to work in the field.  (moving from home to work and back) 
•    Construction companies for employees who are hired to work on buildings. 
•    Companies that operate on weekends.
This measure covers categories of citizens who do not require movement permit and they refer to: 
•    Heavy Vehicle Carriers  
•    For the need of delivery of goods (with appropriate documentation)
•    Walking pets (in the allowed periods and in the immediate vicinity of the home)