All registered Macedonian citizens in Afghanistan are safe and soon to be evacuated; North Macedonia joins the global humanitarian mission to save locals

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia is closely monitoring the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and is in constant thorough coordination with its NATO allies, mostly with the USA. The Government is conducting direct communication with the companies that employ Macedonian citizens registered in Afghanistan and several options for evacuation flights and their arrival in North Macedonia are secured. Our current information show that all our registered citizens are safe and are not in a life-threatening situation. 

With regard to the temporary acceptance of citizens from Afghanistan, at this moment we are working on coordination and defining the details about accepting six women and children, employed or members of the families of employees from the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan, as well as 180 citizens – women, children, employees or members of families from humanitarian organizations, human rights organizations, journalist and other type of associations which, in the past 20 years, have been working on peace-keeping in Afghanistan. 

Having in mind the complicated conditions at Kabul airport, we cannot confirm the time of departure of these citizens from Afghanistan. However, it is expected that they will arrive in the following days. The humanitarians, employees in human rights organizations and members of their families are planned to arrive at Skopje Airport, after what they will be mandatory be placed in 14 quarantine for prevention of COVID-19. The Ministry of Health will organize vaccination points for the citizens who have not been vaccinated.  

The Government is currently working on providing accommodation in motels, vacation resorts and hotels. The costs for the accommodation will be covered by the international organizations, as well as by the United States of America. Accommodation and acceptance of locals will be for a limited period of time, until securing their transfer to the USA or third parties. This will be coordinated with our strategic partners and international organizations. 

All operational and administrative issues related to the participation of North Macedonia in the international humanitarian mission for saving locals from Afghanistan will be discussed and appropriate decisions will be adopted at tomorrow’s and future sessions of the Government. 

The whole democratic world shows its solidarity with the humanitarian disaster that is currently threatening the local Afghanistan population and North Macedonia, being a NATO member, will show solidarity responsibility to timely accept civilians from Afghanistan who, in the past 20 years have been working for preserving peace in that country, provided local support to the allied NATO forces, and to our army.