The modular hospital in Tetovo was built in accordance with all designated procedures and standards - Institutions, experts and the investigation will determine the causes of the accident

Upon the information that appeared in the media and on social networks this morning clamming that construction failures could be the cause of the fire in the modular hospital in Tetovo, the Ministry of Health informs the public that all 19 modular COVID hospitals in the country are typical buildings which are built according to the highest medical and safety standards.

The modular COVID centers, including the hospital in Tetovo, are open after “technical acceptance (full inspection by the authorities)”. During the construction of all modular hospitals, all construction materials were certified. The Ministry of Health informs that the COVID center in Tetovo is designed with three entrances, the corridors are 2.4 meters wide and the window railings are low in case of evacuation. No wood was used in the building and all other necessary elements for protection were instituted.

Upon commissioning, an orderly technical acceptance was made. During the construction there are documented minutes for insignificant technical remarks - silicone floor moldings, leveling of the siphon in the toilet, extension of part of the gutters, etc. These requirements were acted upon and they were remedied before putting into use of the modular hospital and hospitalization of patients. These documents will be submitted to the public and the media today.

The COVID center in Tetovo has all the necessary certificates for accident protection.
We urge the public not to speculate with such information. The Ministry of Health expects experts the investigative bodies to investigate the case of this terrible accident as soon as possible. 

All aspects of the case should be subject to a thorough and prompt investigation and of course responsibility if the investigation shows that. The modular COVID centers were and still are crucial in dealing with the pandemic and hospitalization of patients. 

They are built to the highest standards, and the procurement made by the Ministry of Health is in accordance with the standards for such hospitals that are used in many countries around the world.