North Macedonia on Rescue Mission for 44 more Afghani citizens – activists of the Turquoise Mountain Organization founded by Prince Charles

The Republic of North Macedonia remains committed to the global humanitarian action with the purpose of assisting the Afghani citizens who, in the past years, have been working on improvement of the human rights, democracy and peace. 

44 citizens from Afghanistan, activists of the Turquoise Mountain Organization arrived today at the International Airport in Skopje. These people are activists of the organization, some of them accompanied by members of their families. 

The Turquoise Mountain Organization was founded in 2006 by Prince Charles with a humane mission and in the past years it conducted successful activities in Afghanistan. 

Moreover, this organization restored more than 150 historic objects, treated about 165,000 patients in the clinic in Kabul, opened and supported more than 50 small businesses in Afghanistan, Myanmar and other. 

These people will be temporarily situated in Skopje until transfer is secured for their final destination. The costs for this group will be fully covered by international organizations. 

Immediately upon descend and supported by the Red Cross the standard procedure will be applied - security checks and protection, while offering medical support, PCR test and vaccine.