Kovachevski: We will make the decision for our country together, following the strategic interests of the country and all citizens

Today the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevski, had a coordinative meeting with the members of the Government coalition. He informed them of the contents of the French Presidency Proposals. After the meeting, Prime Minister Kovachevski had a press conference for the media.

Below you will find the integral address of Prime Minister Kovachevski at the press conference:

Today we had a meeting for an exceptionally important issue, for the future of the country and for all our citizens. Together with the Government's coalition partners we discussed the proposal that the Government received yesterday through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is what I had promised the citizens, the partners and the Government's coalition and this is what we are doing now.

Today's meeting is the first in the series of meetings that start the broad consultation process with our public. Deputy Prime Minister Marichikj and Minister Osmani explained both the process and the proposal to the coalition partners. We discussed with facts and details, bearing in mind our strategic position and objective, EU membership.

The position in which we are found today is far more favourable for us; our position and strategy have yielded result. In front of us we have a proposal that will incorporate our remarks and clearly expressed views.

This meeting today starts the broad consultation process that will help us to build an official view as a country. We will continue with the President of the country who has been fully instructed and consulted with all details; we will debate in the Parliament and with the opposition, as well as with the civil society, media, experts' public and the overall public in the country.

We see this proposal as a solid foundation for building serious, accountable and statesmanlike attitude for the opportunity that is opening for our country.

All false allegations in various forms I believe have sunk. As a Government we consistently adhered to the national positions regarding the negotiations with Bulgaria in any aspect, we protected the national interest and the Macedonian national identity.

We promised that we will succeed in keeping the key red lines that we have been reiterating for month and on which the Assembly adopted a consensual Resolution. This, I believe, is now more than clear.

The European proposal provides defined positions on clear and unambiguous acceptance of the Macedonian language, as well as the fact that the protocol is not part of the negotiation framework. For our future position and unconditional commencement of the negotiation network it is very important that the holding of the first inter-governmental conference with the EU is also incorporated in this proposal that has been delivered to us.
I would like to reiterate that we have a plan and strategy that gives results.
The decision-making process is transparent and we will share all relevant details with the public. After this meeting the integral proposal will be published on the official website of the Government.

However, it depends on us how will this process develop and in which direction it will go. Therefore, this is the first meeting in the country, this is the first and most important place for forming wise, precise and statesmanlike views.

We will make the decision for our future, on the principle of shared positions, merit and pursuant to the strategic interests of the country and all its citizens. I want to express my public appreciation to all constructive parties who have been part of this process so far.