PM Gruevski congratulates National Day of the Vlachs

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski congratulates the National Day of the Vlachs, May 23 to members of the Vlach community in Macedonia, wishing them progress and prosperity.

The Vlachs are constitutive part of the Macedonian multi-ethnic society and the Vlach community in Macedonia gave significant historical, social and cultural contribution in the modern Macedonian state. The Vlach identification marks are one of the most distinctive symbols in the Macedonian culture and are significant part of the folklore and tradition of our country. That's why the Republic of Macedonia proudly celebrates the National Day of the Vlachs which since 1905 is a symbol of self-identification and self-knowledge of the Vlach community.

Allow me to express my belief that in the future we will continue together to move on the road to reforms and modernisation of our country, with efforts for achieving economic development and improvement of the living standards of the citizens as well as realisation of our European and Euro-Atlantic integration aimed at building prosperous Macedonia, Gruevski said in the congratulation note sent to members of Vlach community in Macedonia.