Bardul Dauti, Minister Without Portfolio

Bardul Dauti, Minister Without Portfolio in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

He was born in Tetovo in 1982. He received his PhD from the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the Faculty of Economic with his article “Determinants and trade effects of foreign direct investments in countries from Southeastern Europe with special reference to Macedonia” in 2015.

In 2007 he obtained a Master’s degree in economics and business analysis at the Staffordshire University, Faculty of Business and Law, in the United Kingdom.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the South East European University in Tetovo, Faculty for Business Administration.

He holds the position of Minister without Portfolio responsible for foreign investments after being a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University in Tetovo where he taught the subjects Macroeconomics and Contemporary Economic Systems.

His specialty is in the fields of public finance, microeconomics, analysis of the public policies, analysis of decisions, government and market.

At the 2016 elections he was elected MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. He was member of the committees on finance and budget and the parliamentary committee on association and stability of the Republic of Macedonia.

He was previously a council member in the Municipality of Tetovo.

His focus of interest for research are foreign direct investments, trade, macroeconomic policies, economic convergence, institutional economy, public policies, applied economy and data analysis.

He has published numerous articles in renowned domestic and foreign journals.