MISA promotes new E-democracy portal for modern public debate

Citizens and the business community got a new communication tool linked with the work of stated institutions with E-democracy - an Internet portal of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration (MISA), which was launched on Tuesday. The new and modern method of public debate enables them to voice their opinion in a simple and available fashion on government's draft-documents and finished laws, thus being part in the decision-making process.

"This concept has been already implemented in several countries in western Europe and Macedonia is one of the first countries to do this in eastern and southeastern Europe. Citizens will have direct communication using several models of the modern technology through forums, blogs..., Minister of Information Society and Administration Ivo Ivanovski said while promoting the portal.

Every institution, he added, will post the most important documents, strategies, laws in order the citizens to be able to comment before being adopted. Moreover, a link to the electronic register of regulations is going to be attached.

E-democracy portal will be administrated by MISA. Citizens don't have to register in order to read documents posted on the portal, but they should register to leave comments on the forum, blog and documents.

The portal also offers an option for thematic debates. They will be read by the citizens, but only registered users will be able to participate and leave comments.