Government of the Republic of North Macedonia: Everyone involved in the case “Reket” must be held accountable

Today the Spokesperson of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Muamet Hoxha, gave a statement concerning the case “Reket”. 

Below you will find the integral statement of Spokesperson Hoxha:


“The ongoing case REKET, in which the first special prosecutor, Katica Janeva, is now a suspect, confirms that before justice and laws, everyone, literally everyone, is equal and responsible. 

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia appeals for thorough and independent investigation that must be completed as soon as possible and must reveal all details. The result of the investigation must be based on proofs and in accordance with the law. 

Everyone involved, from first to last, must be held accountable.  The institutions of the executive power and their capacities are at disposal to the investigation and legislative bodies. 

The liberation of the entire judicial system provides results. It is obvious that the independence was accepted as a tool that encouraged institutions and people in senior positions within systems, to provide results that are expected from the legal state and rule of law.  

The Government will not allow this case to be abused by the enemies of the European integration processes of this country and will not allow them to prevent North Macedonia from its path towards NATO and the EU. 

Regardless of the further development of the case that now has Katica Janeva as a suspect, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia expects all investigation and judicial bodies, including the Special Public Prosecution Office, to conduct further uncompromised fight against the highest forms of organized crime and corruption. 

This is an additional motivation, together with the opposition, to complete the reform of the judicial system and to provide rule of law in the fight against highest forms of organized crime and corruption. 

At the same time, we remain strong proponents to the viewpoint that court proceedings must be conducted only through fair and transparent procedures based on proofs”.