Prime Minister Zaev on the occasion of 9th May – Europe Day: Our place is in Europe – among prosperous European nations

Today we are celebrating a great date for two important events in the history of Europe and our country – May 9th, Victory Day and Europe Day. 

This date is inscribed with golden letters in the history of progressive Europe as a date for remembrance of the millions of victims. A date to celebrate the great act of the progressive forces that defeated the greatest evil – fascism which, after W2W, all that left behind was devastation and wreckage on our continent and throughout the world. 

It was through this whirlpool of war that the Macedonian statehood rose, guided by the principles of justice, solidarity and equality. The foundations of the Macedonian statehood embed the efforts, commitment and self-sacrifice of numerous generations of fighters who did not spare themselves, nor their youth or their lives. 

On the ashes and the smoke of the war that was still circling above the homes of the Europeans and the Macedonian citizens, on May 9th 1950 the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schumann, appealed for construction of a new Europe. 

The vision for a progressive Europe started to become true; the realization for the idea of a European Union where the leaders of the European countries decided to resolve all difference on the table, not on the battleground. 

Today, the Republic of North Macedonia is an internationally recognized country with all postulates of statehood, with crystal and unambiguous confirmation for the Macedonian language and the Macedonian identity. We take pride in our participation in the great world antifascist coalition and therefore, we have strong reasons to celebrate and to be part of the celebrations that take place throughout Europe. 

This generation made a firm choice with its NATO membership and has confirmed the determination for progress and well-being in the European family, within the European Union. 
Our place is in Europe, among the prosperous and European nations. 

May we all have a happy May 9th – Victory Day and Europe Day!