Minister Osmani Receives Outgoing Greek Ambassador Koundouros for Farewell Meeting

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, received today for a farewell meeting the outgoing Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic to the Republic of North Macedonia, Roussos Koundouros.

At the meeting, Minister Osmani expressed his appreciation to Ambassador Koundouros for his selfless endeavours and firm commitment to fostering and strengthening the friendly and partnerly ties between North Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic, as well as for his input in expanding the overall bilateral cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.

Speaking in that context, Minister Osmani and outgoing Greek Ambassador to the country, Koundouros, highlighted the importance of the Prespa Agreement for the two countries, deeming it to have opened a new page in their bilateral relations, while also emphasizing the interest and dedication of the two countries to its full implementation, which, as Minister Osmani and Ambassador Koundouros stated, would, moving forward, strengthen the friendly ties and partnership between North Macedonia and the Hellenic Republic even further. 

Wishing him success in his future professional endeavours and personal life, Minister Osmani presented Ambassador Koundouros with a Letter of Appreciation for his outstanding efforts in the promotion of the friendship, partnership, and close cooperation between North Macedonia and Greece.