Xhaferi: The new generation of police officers with an ambition for progress creates the image of professional police

Today in the Training Centre of the MoI, the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, attended and spoke at the Solemn Ceremony for promotion of new police officers. 

Below is the integral text of PM Xhaferi’s address:

“Distinguished Minister of the Interior, Panche Toshkovski, 

Distinguished high representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, 

Distinguished guests, 

Esteemed future police officers, 

I am honoured to be here today, on this special day for you, the new generation of police officers. 

I congratulate you on your choice, as young people, to put yourselves in the service of the citizens and the country, to be on the first line of their security. This is a noble, and in modern times, very responsible duty.

Today, all of us here, take pride with your motivation and perseverance for successful completion of the one-year training here in the Training Centre within the Ministry of the Interior.

I believe that the knowledge and skills you have acquired in the past year, through intensive training, will be applied diligently in the organization unit where you will be deployed. 

The Ministry of the Interior needs such young and new people, and I am convinced that all of you, 508 future police officers, possess such an ambition for professional development and progress.

I encourage you to be honest and committed to your duties towards the citizens and to be proud with your work. To tackle the new challenges professionally and to be ready for the expected response. The results of the everyday work in any area of the security to witness your professionalism and love for the profession. 

You become part of a department that works exclusively, and only in the service of citizens, and in no other way! For a police officer each citizen is equally important, independent of the personal preferences, beliefs, or any other differences.

For a professional member of the police, there is more or less important task. All citizens are equal before the law and have the same right to security. As future police officers, I expect that you, through your personal behaviour and effort, will show that the police are a professional institution that successfully conducts its legal competences and tasks.

Dear attendees,

The matter of security, on global level, becomes more important and more complex challenge. The security remains a priority global policy, and the role of the interior affairs system, especially the police, is the most crucial factor for tackling such challenges. 

That is why it is of foremost importance to gain the trust of the citizens. That is how you will contribute to increasing the trust of the citizens in the police as a whole.

Now, allow me to congratulate you again, while wishing you to be honest and professional, committed, and courageous and to serve as an example for any future generation.

Thank you for your attention!”