Budget of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia



The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia determines the economic and development policy of the country; it determines measures for its accomplishment and proposes measures to the Assembly for conducting policies that are under the latter’s authority; it determines the policy of execution of laws and other regulations of the Assembly, monitors their execution; coordinates the process of strategic planning on central level and its harmonization with the budget process and performs other duties in pursuance to the Law.

The activities of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in 2019 as a budget beneficiary are in accordance with the determined strategic priorities for increase in economic growth, securing higher employment rates, increase of standard of life and more qualitative life for citizens, integration of the Republic of North Macedonia into EU and NATO, uncompromised fight against corruption and crime and efficient implementation of laws, as well as maintaining good inter-ethnic relations based on principles of mutual tolerance and respect and equal treatment of all before the law, investing in education, innovations and information technology as elements of the society based on knowledge.

The Budget of the Republic of North Macedonia for 2019 secures assets in the amount of 850 million Denars for support of domestic Greenfield investments, 520 million Denars for micro and medium enterprises and 188 million denars for enhancement of local and regional competitiveness in tourism.

Number of employees: 402
Operative expenditures per employee (in thousands MKD): 1,851

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Letter for delivery of Draft Law for Execution of Budget 2019

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