Ongoing intensive consultations after EUCO Conclusions; Prime Minister Zaev decides led only by the interests of the citizens and the country

In the course of the day, the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, has been conducting intensive consultations on various levels, having in mind the conclusions adopted by the European Council which postpone the decision for start of membership negotiations for North Macedonia with the European Union. Throughout the consultations decisions are being made only in compliance with the highest interests of the country and its citizens. When any final decisions are made, they will be immediately announced before the general public.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Zaev had communication with the heads of Governments of Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Malta and other European leaders, including Commissioner Hahn.

All European leaders sent a clear message of support for North Macedonia and its citizens to continue the path of reforms and integrations.

The European leaders have clearly recognized and acknowledged all steps undertaken by North Macedonia while underlying that both the country and citizens were equally ready to commence negotiations, but that several EU member-states were not ready for this step.