Xhaferi meets Dashevski: Fair elections following European values and contribution to progress towards the EU

Today, at the invitation of the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, there was a meeting with the President of the State Election Commission, Aleksandar Dashtevski and the members of the Commission because the mandate of this Government, but also of the State Election Commission is to secure fair and democratic elections.

During his introduction, PM Xhaferi underlined that securing the election does not refer only to the legal regulation and minimum standards, but also mutual proactivity in order to be able to foresee potential crises and propose scenarios and solutions that will be a guide for the solution of those crises. This, of course, is of particular importance, because beside other obligations, both institutions have the obligation to protect the reputation of the institutions and to reinforce the trust of the citizens in the electoral process. And this will be achieved only if it is confirmed through actions that all the necessary measures have been taken to protect them and enable them to exercise their right.

The President of the State Election Commission, Dashtevski, welcomed Prime Minister Xhaferi's proposal for coordination, because the SEC, as a competent body for the successful conduct of elections, and at the same time independent, impartial, responsible, and professional in its work, needs support from other institutions. 

At the meeting, information was exchanged regarding the necessary preparations for conducting the upcoming elections. Both parties emphasized the legal competence, but also the political will, for free, fair, and democratic electoral processes in the presidential and parliamentary elections on April 24 and May 8, in which, as in several previous election cycles, citizens will freely make their choice.

Prime Minister Xhaferi emphasized that the Government he leads works in accordance with the legal regulations for the pre-election period and that he is determined that the competent institutions should organize and conduct fair elections, according to the best European practices and standards.

The common conclusion of the meeting was that the Republic of North Macedonia is on the European path, practices European values and a strong focus is needed from all political subjects and a narrative of mutual respect, for fair and democratic elections that will contribute to the progress towards the European Union.