Xhaferi - Lapsley: North Macedonia is an appreciated member of the Alliance dedicated to developing its defence capacities

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, met Angus Lapsley, Assistant Secretary General for Defence Policy and Planning yesterday afternoon during Lapsley’s visit to Skopje. 

Prime Minister Xhaferi welcomed the Assistant Secretary General Lapsley while reaffirming the contribution that North Macedonia gives to NATO which is continuously reinforced. Reaching the mark of 2.05% of the GDP in the defence budget, out of which 30% are for modernization of the Army, is a strong indicator for this contribution. 

At the same time, with the participation in the collective security through the multinational forces of the Alliance in Romania, Bulgaria, and Latvia, as well as in NATO’s mission on Kosovo, KFRO and Eu’s operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ALTEA, the country additionally strengthened its position as one of the pillars of regional stability.

At the meeting, both delegations had the opportunity to talk about the NATO Summit that is to be held in Washington in the spirit of the 75th anniversary of the Alliance, as well as about the ongoing defence plans, having in mind the global security situation in Europe and the world. 

Furthermore, both delegations reaffirmed the support that the member-states, including North Macedonia, are providing to Ukraine.

The Assistant Secretary General Lapsley underlined that North Macedonia is an appreciated member of the Alliance, taking into consideration the overall contribution that it has provided so far. The Alliance is more united and stronger than ever before, and with the membership of Finland and Sweden, NATO remains a guarantor of the security for over 1 billion citizens from the democratic world.