Xhaferi Meets Baumgartner: France is an important partner of North Macedonia on the accession road

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, today met the Ambassador of the French Republic, H.E. Cyrille Baumgartner.

At the meeting they spoke about the three-decades long bilateral relations and friendship between our two countries which feature advanced, constructive, and partnering political dialogue. At the same time, they expressed the interest to further highlight the economic and trade cooperation.

PM Xhaferi welcome the overall and reinforced French engagement in the region of the Western Balkans expressed through several initiatives and concrete steps in the recent period, directed at reinforced strategic, political, economic, and social cooperation. On such note, he extended his gratitude for the support that France provides in the EU enlargement process with the whole region, particularly North Macedonia, while underlining the commitment of the Government to continue with the same dynamics on the path towards the EU.

Congratulating the appointment as Prime Minister, Ambassador Baumgartner welcomed the excellent cooperation with Xhaferi during whose tenure as President of the Assembly a great step forward was made in the development of bilateral parliamentary cooperation. The Ambassador expressed his readiness for future cooperation with the Government in line of further deepening of the relations between both countries, based on the long history of friendship. 

Baumgartner spoke of the strong commitment of France towards the European perspective of North Macedonia while underscoring that France will continue to actively manifest constructiveness and support on that path. Furthermore, he reflected on the importance of the forthcoming parliamentary elections in North Macedonia while expressing hope that the future Government and Assembly will continue to actively implement the European agenda.

The Prime Minister extended his best wishes on the Day of the Francophonie and underlined that North Macedonia remains strongly committed on the International Organization of the Francophonie  and will continue its activities for affirmation of the French language in the country.