Prime Minister Zaev on the Conference NATO Engages in London: NATO Membership is aspiration of many generations – it is an accomplishment of our generation and a vision for the future ones

As a new NATO member we bring positive contribution to the stability and prosperity for the Western Balkan region. We will continue sharing the European and Euro-Atlantic fundamental principles and values. We will support all countries from our neighborhood in accomplishing their strategic goals especially those related to the perspectives of Euro-Atlantic and European integrations, said the President of the Government of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, on the panel “Discussions – Defence and Deterrence for the New Era” within the Conference: NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance) which was part of the agenda on the NATO Leaders Meeting in London.

At the conference “NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance” attended by our delegation consisted of the Deputy President of the Government and Minister of Defence, Radmila Shekerinska, the Deputy Presidnet of the Government in charge of European Affairs, Bujar Osmani and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, besides Prime Minister Zaev, the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda also took participation as panel speaker.

“We are making the dream come true for everyone in North Macedonia. This is an accomplishment of our strategic goal and it is a sovereign choice made 25 years ago. The NATO membership is an aspiration of many generations, it is an accomplishment of our generation and it is a vision for the future ones. The NATO membership brings us stability and security. It also means better perspective for our economy”.

Prime Minister Zaev underlined that the country is strongly determined in its combat against organized crime and corruption and is focused on continuous democratic reforms while on regional level, we resolved the bilateral disputes with Bulgaria and Greece in 2018 despite the obstructions.

“From a country that generated crises we have transformed ourselves into a country that generates security. We have no open disputes with the neighbors. In that regard, we are unique in the Western Balkan region. The Prespa Agreement is the best example for success of diplomacy and dialogue. It had put an end to a long and difficult dispute. The name issue was open for three decades. These were three decades full of uncertainty for our future. Three decades of blocked perspective for our key strategic interest”, underscored the President of the Government Zoran Zaev on the conference “NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance” in London.

Prime Minister Zaev said that the achievements of North Macedonia are encouraging other leaders in the region to commit to maintaining peace and stability, to increasing the regional cooperation, to enhancing economic development and to be strongly focused on EU integration.

“We are fully committed to the reforms agenda in the EU. We have delivered results; we are conducting the Prespa Agreement and reforms at home. Unfortunately, the EU did not make a decision for start of negotiations and this was a mistake that has numerous negative effects and has strengthened the interest of third parties in the region. But Republic of North Macedonia has no alternative for EU and NATO integration” said Prime Minister Zaev.

Moreover, during the panel discussion, Prime Minister Zaev answered some questions regarding challenges of modern era, the hazards of cyber and hybrid attacks while underlining that our country in partnership with the Alliance members is focused on the combat against these threats and they cannot endanger our road towards the NATO Alliance.