WB Leaders’ Meeting: Inclusiveness and Good-Neighborliness brought several benefits for the good of the citizens in the region

The third meeting for enhancement of cooperation between the WB countries which takes place today in Tirana, started with the working part where President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama and the presidents of Montenegro and Serbia, Milo Djukanovic and Aleksandar Vucic, discussed the progress of implementation of the four freedoms in the region, as assessed on the previous two meetings in Ohrid and Novi Sad. 

The spirit of inclusiveness and the good neighbourly relations that stimulated this process has brought several benefits for the citizens of the region. 

The tragedy caused by the earthquake in Durres stimulated the idea for the mutual support in natural disasters and emergencies to be included as another pillar in enhancement of the cooperation in the region and in that line, in February in Belgrade, the competent institutions of each of the WB countries will sign the Durres Protocol for cooperation of the Directorates for protection and rescue. 

Stimulated by the initiative for regional cooperation, the negotiations between Republic of Serbia and Republic of North Macedonia have been completed and very soon the construction of the new border crossing Lojane – Miratovac is expected to start until the next meeting of this initiative which will take place in Belgrade; the customs administrations of North Macedonia and Albania will sign the Agreement for One Stop Shop for the border crossing Kjafasan, as the one with Serbia on the border crossing Tabanovce. 

The main objective of these One Stop Shops i.e. border controls with one stop is to soon become Non Stop Shop i.e. border crossings without stops. Another contribution to this procedure will be the implementation of the paperless system that is to simplify the customs procedures. 
On such note, it is worth to underline the recent decisions adopted within CEFTA during the Albanian presidency, especially the decision for automatic recognition of the authorized economic operators, as well as the unification of the procedures for issuance of work permits for all citizens in all countries in the region. 

The leaders of the participating countries reaffirmed the view that this initiative is intended to reinforce the cooperation and to alleviate and accelerate the process of European integration for each of the WB countries and that it is open for all 6 countries in the region. 

At the meeting in Tirana the WB leaders positively assessed the encouragement of the European Commission, the political and financial institutions of EU, the RCC, as well as the World Bank and other supporters of the European perspective in the region and extended the appreciation for implementation of initiatives arising from this process.