Zaev – Sanchez: Historic visit that reinforces relations between North Macedonia and Spain Progressive Forces to Support Each Other

At today’s first visit on prime ministerial level between the heads of governments of North Macedonia and the Kingdom of Spain, Zoran Zaev and Pedro Sanchez, respectively, the colleagues expressed exceptional satisfaction with the relations so far while the meeting was marked as historic one; it is a new, important step for future development of both countries. 

At the meeting Prime Ministers Zaev and Sanchez, accompanied by the Deputy President of the Government of North Macedonia in charge of European Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, agreed that the meeting is also important for the Euro-integration processes of North Macedonia, especially having in mind the strong support provided by Spain for the first inter-governmental conference of North Macedonia with the EU and thus, for the start of negotiations. 

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that Spain strongly supports North Macedonia in its efforts to accomplish this goal while underlining that they support commencement of negotiations for both North Macedonia and Albania at the same time. 

Spain commends North Macedonia for the reforms it has implemented so far, underlined PM Sanchez during the meeting and further said that the country has met all other criteria for EU accession and has delivered numerous processes to Brussels. 

Both Prime Ministers spoke highly of this meeting and said it was of great importance for the entrepreneurs of both countries. The colleagues agreed that they will take even greater participation in stimulating the businessmen from both countries to cooperate on joint investment projects. 
Mutual support of both countries and both governments is expected because it is necessary for the progressive forces to support each other on their path to prosperity, underlined PMs Sanchez and Zaev.