Kovachevski: We will not negotiate on language and identity – the solution should guarantee that there will be no obstacles for EU integration

Answering a question from the media regarding the commencement of EU negotiations and lifting the Bulgarian veto, the President of the Government of the Republic of North
Macedonia, Dimitar Kovachevski, said that EU member states give the proposal, since we are a country that wants to be part of the EU.

“This document will be prepared based on their proposal and it will be harmonized, because it still not harmonized on the level of EU member states, and Bulgaria is a member state. When the document is ready, it will be delivered to us. Then, of course, we will provide our comments. I already spoke of our positions – our Assembly clearly defined them, and we stand by them. There will be no discussions on Macedonian language and identity; the solution should be all-encompassing and should contain guarantees that there will be no other demands regarding our future advancement to EU integration,” Kovachevski said.