Xhaferi Meets Aggeler: The election of the first Albanian Prime Minister confirms the democratization of North Macedonia

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, today had a meeting with the U.S. Ambassador to our country, H.E. Angela Price Aggeler.

PM Xhaferi underlined the commitment of the Government towards the strategic partnership of North Macedonia with the United States of America while emphasizing that he will continue promoting this cooperation in his new capacity. 

During the meeting, the Prime Minister and the Ambassador discussed the need of securing continuity and efficiency in the work of the Government and the national institutions and investing efforts for preparation and realization of fair and democratic elections. 

Moreover, Prime Minister Xhaferi stressed that the Presidential and Parliamentary elections are key for the country’s future, and they will confirm the direction of its future movement. On such note, both interlocutors agreed that the negotiation process for EU membership will enable positive transformation of the democratic capacities in the country, while reinforcing the reform processes in the area of rule of law and fight against corruption. 

Ambassador Aggeler congratulated Prime Minister Xhaferi on his election, emphasizing the importance of his role in the democratic development of the country as the first Albanian President of the Assembly and the first Albanian President of the Government of North Macedonia in the country's history. Aggeler further highlighted that the election of Xhaferi sends a strong messaged that, as in the United States of America, diversity, and respect in North Macedonia for the rich cultural heritage, make the country stronger. The U.S. Ambassador pointed out the strong support of the USA extended on North Macedonia’s path towards the EU and expressed her readiness for future close cooperation with the Government on that path. 

Prime Minister Xhaferi stressed the Government’s determination for active continuation of the processes and reforms related to the Euro-integration of North Macedonia with the purpose of opening new opportunities for bigger economic prosperity and democratic development. Among other, the Prime Minister informed the Ambassador on the draft Law on Restrictive Measures for which additional and comprehensive consultations are conducted, after what the draft law will be discussed again on the next following session. 
PM Xhaferi expressed his gratitude for the continuous support that the USA provides to the stability and prosperity of North Macedonia while underlining that being a NATO member-state our contribution to the collective security will continue.