Xhaferi in Brussels meets MEPs: Euro-integrations remain in the Government’s focus

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, today in Brussels met the MEPs Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Tonino Picula, Tineke Strik and Karlo Ressler. The Government delegation led by Prime Minister Xhaferi includes the First Deputy President of the Government in charge of European affairs, Bojan Marichikj, and the Minister of foreign affairs, Bujar Osmani. 

During the meeting, the interlocutors exchanged their views on the European integration of North Macedonia, the government policies on the eve of the dual elections in the country, as well as the activities of the Government arising from the preparations for successful realization of the Growth Plan. 

During his first visit in the capacity of a Prime Minister, Xhaferi pointed out to the MEPs that the Government in North Macedonia will keep up the momentum, commitment, and timeliness to implement all processes and obligations arising from the initiated accession negotiations with the European Union in line of accelerated European integration. 

The MEPs belonging to different political groups offered Xhaferi congratulations on his position while underlining the dedicated support for North Macedonia in its implementation of the reform processes and EU membership. 

PM Xhaferi stressed out that the EU membership remains a strategic objective of the country and there is a strong support among the citizens on this matter. Furthermore, they discussed the Growth Plan which is of utmost importance for North Macedonia with regards to economic progress, opening new jobs, improvement of the living standard of the citizens, as well as an opportunity for the companies from the country to have access to parts of EU’s single market before the country becomes a member.

The President of the Government, Xhaferi, thanked the MEPs for their support of North Macedonia’s integration into the European Unions since this is a priority and therefore, the Prime Minister appointed Ivo Veigl to be his external advisor and who will contribute to the acceleration of the European path with his valuable experience. The Prime Minister asked for future support from the MEPs in reinforcement of the cooperation and presence of representatives from our country in the European Parliament.