Xhaferi - Shljivanchanin: EU Integration of North Macedonia and Montenegro is significant for both the region and Europe

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi met Velimir Shljivanchanin, chargé d'affaires in the Embassy of Montenegro in Skopje.

At the meeting both interlocutors underlined the sizeable and traditional friendship between the citizens of both countries and the bilateral relations without any open
disputes, based on long-term and construction upward cooperation.

On that notice, the interlocutors jointly concluded that North Macedonia and Montenegro serve as an example of building and developing good-neighbourly relations.

They particularly emphasized the importance of NATO for both countries, which unity in the current geopolitical context is of particular importance for the whole region and
Europe. Furthermore, experiences were exchanged of the benefits of the countries after joining NATO, as well as on the reform processes which are necessary for the Euro-
integration process.

PM Xhaferi underlined that the Republic of North Macedonia is a successful multi-ethnic democracy, a model for Little Europe. Furthermore, he expressed his expectation that
very soon the members of the Montenegrin community in North Macedonia will be part of the Constitution, and thus the country will open the first cluster of the negotiation
process with EU.

At the meeting, they discussed the opportunities for advancement of the economic cooperation and trade exchange, as well as the holding of inter-governmental session of
the two countries immediately following the elections in the Republic of North Macedonia.

Shljivanchanin offered congratulations on Xhaferi’s election as President of the Government while extending his appreciation for the commitment of the Government in
the continuation of the process for constitutional changes, which would enable the Montenegrin community to be part of the Constitution. Moreover, he underscored that
this is important not only for Montenegro and the bilateral relations between the two countries, but also for deblocking the path of North Macedonia towards the EU.