Xhaferi - Larsson Jain: With Sweden's membership, NATO becomes bigger and stronger, and with it the overall transatlantic security

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Talat Xhaferi, today met the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to our country, Ami Larsson Jain.

PM Xhaferi extended congratulations to Ambassador Jain on Kingdom Sweden’s membership into the EU and offered a letter of congratulations to be conveyed to the
Swedish PM Ulf Kristersson. He underlined that with this historic act, the Alliance becomes bigger and stronger, and with it the overall transatlantic security. By
welcoming Sweden to NATO, PM Xhaferi underscored that as of this moment the allies continue their path towards reinforcement and expansion of the Euro-Atlantic family.
Moreover, he pointed out that in times when the world faces disrupted security and challenges to the democratic values and principles by authoritarian actors, each joint
venture is a contribution to maintaining stability and democracy.

The Swedish Ambassador Jain extended her appreciation for the strong and extensive support offered by the Government and the Assembly of the Republic of North
Macedonia in the pre-accession process. She offered gratitude to Xhaferi who on his previous position as a President of the Assembly and in his current one, as President of
the Government, has provided a particular contribution to the overall process. In turn, she emphasized that Sweden will be a strong and reliable partner in the Alliance and a
reliable ally of North Macedonia. Larsson Jain referred to the key elements that Sweden brings to the Alliance with membership, including strong military capabilities on land,
sea and air, and knowledge of the Nordic territories.

At the meeting, it was established that North Macedonia and Sweden are continuously building partnership relations with political dialogue at a high level and have cooperation
in many areas of mutual interest. PM Xhaferi expressed his gratitude for the consistent support that Sweden has offered to North Macedonia in the process of Eu-integrations
and the important Swedish development assistance in areas that are of great importance for our reforms.