Prime Minister Zaev and Euro-Commissioner Hahn: North Macedonia proves itself as а legal state – a rule of law state, as it should, in anticipation of October when EU will extend an invitation for commencement of negotiations

Today the President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, had work meeting with Euro-Commissioner on Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement who is on one-day visit to our country.

After the meeting with Euro-Commissioner Hahn, attended by the Deputy President of the Government in charge of European Affairs, Bujar Osmani and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, on the joint press conference Prime Minister Zaev congratulated the Euro-Commissioner Hahn on his third consecutive nomination for a third commissioner mandate within the European Union. Furthermore, Prime Minister Zaev underlined that this is recognition of his commitment and hard work, especially significant for our country, because he leads the area of neighbourhood policy and enlargement in a period that is of utmost importance for us and that in his future mandate as a commissioner, Mr. Hahn will remain our strong link in the process and will remain a strong proponent of the EU enlargement policy with regards to the Western Balkan countries. 

“Commissioner Hahn is with us today to mark the start of the last phase until the commencement of negotiations. We are all focused on October. During the morning talk with Mr. Hahn, I said that we expect that the EU in October will keep its promise and will announce that the country can start the EU membership negotiations, by chapters”, underlined Prime Minister Zaev on the press conference.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Zaev emphasized that we have until October, with sincere and honest commitment, to complete the reform priorities, especially in the finish lines of the reforms in judiciary system using the new Draft Law on Public Prosecution, to present ourselves, in the autumn, as a country that has closed all open issues; this will help us to receive the promised date for start of negotiations. During this process we must show accountability without giving arguments for someone to question our strategic objective.

“I told Euro-Commissioner Hahn that the Government, this coalition, will never close the doors for the opposition if they want to provide their contribution to this process. We have never done this so far, nor shall we ever do it when discussing topics that require parliamentary support and consent from all political parties, since it involves the national interest, the interest of the citizens”, said Prime Minister Zaev while adding that the Parliament is now the place where all MPs will have the opportunity to define the final version and contents of the law.

“Our country now bears witness to decisive and uncompromising fights against organized crime and high corruption. This fight is led independently by the Public Prosecution and other institutions in the system for investigation and support. This is a result of the liberation of all segments of judiciary from the embrace of the previous government. No one is privileged, no one will be exempt. Everyone is equal before the justice and that is why we further encourage the Public Prosecution to continue the procedure in the case “Reket” no matter who will they reach in the process”, underlined Prime Minister Zaev on the joint press conference with EU Commissioner Hahn.

North Macedonia proves itself as a legal state, a rule of law state, as it should, in anticipation of October when the EU will extend the invitation for commencement of negotiations, said Prime Minister Zaev in his closing remarks.

Euro-Commissioner Hahn in his address before the media and the public underlined that the main reason for his visit to the country is to encourage dialogue and reaching a consensus regarding the Draft Law on Public Prosecution, being the key phase in closing the reforms of the judiciary and the last step towards receiving green light in October for commencement of negotiations. Moreover, said Commissioner Hahn, the joint agreement on the Law in the Parliament will confirm the resolution of all – that there is no compromise in the fight against organized crime and high corruption and that this will be an argument plus for start of negotiations for which, he is sure, will be approved in the beginning of October.