Prime Minister Zaev and Ministers Filipce and Nuredini took part in the Bloomberg Global Business Forum regarding the necessity of establishing partnerships between the public and private sector in the fight against global threats

The threats to the environment and the economic crises as the biggest challenges for the global prosperity are the central topics at this year’s third Bloomberg Global Business Forum, which took place during the UN General Assembly in New York, where Heads of State and Government gathered together with the executive directors and chairmen of the management boards of the biggest global companies so as to find common activities on these issues.

PM Zaev and part of the Government Delegation, the Minister of Health Dr. Venko Filipce and the Minister of Environment and Physical Planning Naser Nuredini, took part in the forum at which experiences and initiatives were shared that have the potential of being an answer to the climate changes, including the common droughts and lack of water that seriously affect the economy, especially agriculture, and destabilize a number of societies around the world.

The aforementioned issues, as well as the refugee and migration crises,  are a threat to more than 50% of the population in the world. This is why there is a need for urgent responses for which it is crucial that there is an alliance between the leaders of the private and the public sector.

At the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York, more instances were presented which showed the progress gained through partnerships and investments between the private and the public sector, and the forum was the meeting ground for the exchange of ideas and initiatives in which the Prime Minister Zaev and the Ministers Filipce and Nuredini actively participated.

Prime Minister Zaev will today have an address at the Leaders Dialogue, within the High-Level Forum at the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, as part of the agenda of the 74th session of the UN General Assembly.

Today’s program of the President of the Government of North Macedonia ends by addressing “The Future of Euro-Atlantic Integration in the Western Balkans: Where is Western Balkans going?” debate, organized by The Nizami Ganjavi International Centre in New York.