Economic growth, new jobs, higher standard

The Program of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, 2017-2020 will focus on economic development and increasing the citizens’ standard of living.

The Government is strongly dedicated to support of domestic companies, especially small and medium enterprises, which invest and open new jobs. Business climate will be freed of political pressure and repression. Domestic companies will be linked to technological and industrial zones. The Government will pay special attention to increasing economic employment.

Approximately 16 thousands new jobs will be added to economy every year through active employment measures. 

The Government is dedicated to increasing remuneration levels in all economic areas. By the end of the term, the minimum wage should cover basic life expenses. Wage increase should propel higher economic productivity. Workers’ rights will be guaranteed in parallel. 

Economic development cannot garner increase in citizens’ life standards without equal distribution of wealth. The Government aims at gradual introduction of fair principles in the key economic redistribution mechanisms – tax and social protection systems. Tax and social transfer changes will be introduced in conjunction with the improvement of the institutions’ effectiveness. 

The first step towards improvement of institutional effectiveness will be to provide full fiscal transparency. It will be the key priority in the first year of the Government mandate. Additionally, fiscal transparency will give the public clear insight into the true state of public finances.