Fair taxation

The Government aims at providing more fairness in the taxation system in the next four years by correcting the unfair distribution of income and societal wealth. Modifications in the taxation system will be introduced in conjunction with the provision of greater transparency of public spending of citizens’ money through the national budget. We will implement the following key measures:

Introduce a fairer personal income tax with two rates (10% and 18%) which will also include personal income tax returns for citizens earning very low monthly salaries. The existing 10% rate will remain in vigor for most of the citizens, while the additional 18% rate will be calculated only to additional incomes earned by highest-earning persons. 

Abrogation of the maximum top-level salary contributions

Introduce the possibility for a 0.1 percentage point increase of property tax levels for resident and non-resident real estate market valued at over 400,000 EUR. Introduce fairer taxation for multiple real estate ownership.

Increase the excise duty rate for luxury vehicles over 40,000 EUR.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia will introduce a new “more money to the citizens” system, guaranteeing 15% VAT returns to citizens, with the exception of the taxes paid upon the purchase of luxury goods. The system will integrate checks and limitations, so to avoid misuse and additional stratification.